Connie Zheng is a project-based artist and writer who was born in Luoyang, China and is currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work seeks to consider the fraught triad of Nature-Nation-Economy, the material and virtual accumulations of colonial empires, and the tentacular workings of mediascapes. Born in China and raised in the Northeastern United States, she perceives "home" as an entangled space in which national and institutional interests vie for dominance with concerns at the individual or community level. While her practice is drawing-based and informed heavily by her writing, she treats drawings and texts as proposals for interdisciplinary inquiries in an effort to examine the compost pile of history via a bricolage of materials and signifiers.

Connie is currently pursuing her MFA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. She received her BA in Economics and English (Creative Nonfiction) from Brown University and worked as a researcher before starting graduate school. She is also a contributing writer for Art Practical.

CV available upon request.