I am a project-based artist and writer who was born in Luoyang, China and is currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am interested in questioning which stories make worlds — my worlds — and the stories that are born from these worlds. The mountains of garbage, crowded balconies, and hospital-green hills of plastic that circulate through my paintings, videos, performances, installations, photography and texts exist as real spaces that I have witnessed with my bodily senses, but they are also spaces where meaning is created both recursively and a priori, through news media and other modalities of digital communication.

What emerges from the compost of history? My practice seems to return repeatedly to the relationships between bodies and landscapes, accumulative logics, and environmental crisis, particularly how it is figured in the media through which I have learned to view and read the world, which happens to be a camera lens and the organizing principles of the United States media. I like media theorist John Durham Peters’ packaging of these spaces as the environment of the media and the media of the environment, and borrow it here as a framing device. More broadly, however, I see my work as pointing toward the larger question of what it means to see home as a contested space, as well as a scrambled terrain, to use the language of Jasbir Puar.

I am currently pursuing my MFA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. I received my BA in Economics and English (Creative Nonfiction) from Brown University and worked as a researcher before starting graduate school. I am also a contributing writer for Art Practical.

CV available upon request. 

Instagram: @yconniezheng