I am a project-based artist, writer and filmmaker who was born in China, grew up in the Northeastern United States, and is currently based out of Berkeley, California. My work is interested in developing new language around the apocalypse, the difference between “disaster porn” and “disaster erotica”, diasporic place-making, and the political potentials enabled by fantasy as a means of community-building amidst climate change. I like to think about the different forms that propaganda can assume and how to use new combinations of visual and text-based language to catalyze collective thinking about climate change, which I see as the greatest ideological threat of our time.

My work moves between text, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, and time-based media, although I generally begin by drawing, writing and performing research. Each material gives me access to different kinds of knowledge, enables different ways of thinking and seeing, and provides points of entry into different semiotic ecosystems.

I received an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley, as well as a BA in Economics and English (Creative Nonfiction) from Brown University. I worked as a researcher before starting graduate school and am also a contributing writer for Art Practical.

Instagram: @yconniezheng