Notes on fluorescence (installation view and stills), 2018. Single-channel video, 13 min 20 seconds, Minnesota Street Project.

Notes on fluorescence is a work that is interested in questions of mourning, voice, accumulations, mediascapes, and time: geological time, the remaining time that loved ones have on earth, and the way in which compressed notions of time manifest in the environment, both in the US and abroad. This piece began as snippets of writing when I visited my ailing grandparents in my hometown of Luoyang, China, and evolved as I repeatedly doubled back to interrogate my readings of China as a toxic place blighted by environmental disaster. What ensued was a set of constellatory reflections traveling between different spaces that I call home, marketplaces of waste commodities, and the media that have shaped a worldview that has privileged certain bodies and lands over others. While they roam within the frame of this film, I also see these conversations as constellations that continue to expand, mutate and merge with stars in other fields.